Latest Reports: India poised for wheat imports after six-year hiatus to bolster reserves  EU offers €250,000 aid for Manipur storm victims  China boosts Pakistan Armys Defence on line of control in Jammu and Kashmir  Reliance industries to purchase Russian oil in roubles  Naveen Patnaik’s special secretary D.S. Kutey suspended and summoned to Delhi  NIA arrests main suspect in Bangladeshis and Rohingyas trafficking into India  Thailand charges former leader Thaksin Shinawatra with royal insult  EAM Jaishankar credits PM Modi for elevating Indias global standing through foreign policy  Sweden commits $1.25 billion in military assistance to Ukraine  Chinese vessels maintained presence near disputed Senkaku islands for a record 158 days  Gupta brothers, accused of multi-billion scam in South Africa, arrested in India  India to be major beneficiary of China+1 strategy: Nomura  Months after launch, top-secret Chinese spaceplane deploys mysterious object into orbit  Haitis transitional council appoints new Prime Minister amid gang violence  Taiwans parliament approves controversial bills expanding legislative oversight  

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