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Pramod Kumar Buravalli had been a Swayamsevak with associations including ABVP, OFBJP USA until 2014. He also Founded Indic Book Club USA & American Academy of Indic Studies in the recent past. Since 2014, his focus has been to build Indic inspired Media Platforms including Web, Print, Radio and Films. Although, he comes from a Technology Background; Pramod's advent into media began way back in 2005 when his Software team started supporting Sudarshan TV. In 2009, he became the Editor of Pravasi Kamal (Publication of OFBJP USA). He also wrote for Rediff, India Defence & Indo American News.

Aadit Kapadia is a Civil Engineer by Profession & a Writer, Psephologist, Political Commentator and Food/Film Critic by Passion.

Sangeeta Dua is a TV and Radio Personality based out of Houston.


  • August 15th 2013: Pramod Kumar and Aadit Kapadia gathered a team of writers, authors naming them “MYINDMAKERS”.
  • Jan 26th, 2015: went LIVE.
  • Jan 1st 2019: MyIndMakers Publishers Established in India as a Limited Print to Web Entity.
  • March 1st 2019: Voice of Bharat Radio Program went on AIR on Houston's 96.1 FM every Saturday 9-10 AM US CST.

Why MyIndMakers ?

MyIndMakers enables the exchange of Global Ideas and Solutions. It is a place to argue and dissect the status quo. In reality it began as a web portal but over several years, it has matured to become an Interactive platform whose objective is to inspire EVERYONE to contribute to public life.

Historic movements are unpolished ideas to begin with; eventually great nations are built on durable and sustainable ideas, and ultimately greater civilizations survive on ideas that can be debated threadbare. MyIndMakers will scrutinize and disseminate these ideas, churn new ones as by-products and present solutions for day to day problems.

MyIndMakers is not only a platform for debate but also an an avid supporter for positive change around the world. MyIndMakers is founded with the firm belief that Democracy, Innovation and Spirituality shall remain the bulwarks against poverty and ignorance.

MyIndMakers believes that everyone has the ability to change the world. And change comes only when ideas are put to test and debated.

We encourage everyone to write, contribute, comment and to join us in this search for great minds !

Together, WE are all MyIndMakers !!